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Jesús Segado



The femininity and elegance are the best qualities for describing Jesús Segado’s creations. The secret or his collections consists of being conceived with a great simplicity but only in appearance, because they have a lot of handmade details. So we can say that the malagueño is an advocate for a fashion branch which is based on haute couture but mostly handicrafted. This is his particular tribute to the tradition, which is recreated and debugged in a present style.

The designer has a wide career in his home town, where reap triumphs at scenes like ‘Larios Catwalk’, but also has projects outside Málaga, like shows the good reception at the ‘Fashion Week of Cuenca’ or his involvement as panel assessing at the ‘Paper Dresses Contest of Mollerussa’.

A career that is backed by many years of experience and an extense vocational training, wich Segado begun in the Fine Arts School of Málaga, where his patterns soon stood out. His first job was for the firm Piedroche, where his styling participated at national and international fashion fairs. After this first period of five years, he worked as a teacher in the Fashion Design and Technique School until he was demanded for the company Blanco y Negro (Black and White), where he stayed for three years more. At this point was when he decided to open his own atelier, where he makes his collections and bespoke suits.

Nowadays, he is involving more and more with the events related to fashion in Málaga. In this way, he has participated at ‘The First Charitable Gala Haute Couture in aid of FMAEC’, ‘Linda from Spain Contest’, ‘Larios Catwalk’, ‘The Fashion Week at Plaza Mayor’ or the Carnival, as part of the panel of Gods and Queens and Draq Queens Contests.


Jesús Segado